NJ Frag Fest

Vendor Booth Application

Vendor Booth Application

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First of all, thank you very much for participating in our 2025 NJ Frag Fest.

We appreciate your support and wish you good luck at our show. There will be two (2) time windows for you to set up your booth.

1. Friday, January 17th from 5pm-9pm • We will have a few hundred gallons of water available for vendors. • We will be closing the doors promptly at 6pm.

2. Saturday, January 18th from 10am – 6:00pm. Early entry to the show starts at 9:30am

What we will be providing:

1. Promotional threads on Reef2Reef, Facebook and other Social networks prior to the event.

2. Directional Signage outside the event.

3. Electricity for each row

4. Saltwater: Natural seawater

5. 8-foot table and 2 chairs if requested

What you need to bring:

1. Electric cords and power strips for your booth

2. Banner or signage for your booth

3. All of the equipment that you will need to show, sell and package your sale items.

4. Containers for carrying water from the water bin to your display tanks.

5. Change!! We will not have cash available for you.

6. Electronic payment device to receive Credit Card or other electronic payments.

7. Towels, dust pan, brush, garbage bags, etc. to clean up afterwards. We do not clean up your space.

8. Anything else you can think of: Business cards, flyers, etc. Good Luck and Welcome to our Frag Swap!!

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